Chayse is a cloud computing and technology solutions provider focused on transforming how businesses in Nigeria consume technology. By recognising the need to efficiently cater for an increasingly mobile, and social workforce / customer base, Our goal is to help you create that ultimate Social Enterprise using salesforce.com. 


Incorporating social and mobile elements across your entire organization, connecting with your employees and customers in a whole new way by improving business process automation, collaboration and productivity. we deliver custom business applications that are fit for purpose and help you stay connected to anyone who touches your brand in every way possible.


Partnering with Draytek Corp, we also develop and lauch various networking solutions to meet different local customers' needs in order to reach the highest customer satisfaction. We are also sole distributors for Draytek's range of Networking products / solutions and provide local support throughout the product's lifecyle.  Over the years, we've developed a considerable level of expertise in delivering this and other complex solutions in a structured, timely and efficient manner using both technology and efficient / best practice business processes.


Currently delivering services to clients such as Mercedes Financial Services UK, Polo Ralph Lauren, Whitbread UK (Costa, Premier Inn), we provide Business case development, consulting, expert business analysis, development, manage projects till completion through to service management. Core areas of expertise include: CRM, Enterprise solutions, Networking Solutions, Supply Chain, Workforce Management, EPOS, E-Commerce, Systems Integration and bespoke software solutions.


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