Considering ROI is only part of the picture, businesses must also look at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when considering server environments. Outsourced hosting presents a complete solution with no hidden costs or fees; you know exactly what it will cost and save your business from the start.


By outsourcing all or just some of your customer’s IT needs, our joint solutions dramatically reduce IT costs including hardware expenditures and payroll expenses while providing strong network uptime. Businesses spend substantially less while still enjoying high performance with round-the-clock support. It also removes the worry of server operations, infrastructure management, and patch updates; personnel can instead focus on critical aspects of the business.


Partnership with Rackspace


Chayse Consulting has partnered with Rackspace® Hosting to provide  you with fully managed hosting solutions designed for scalability, 100% network uptime guarantee, and live 24x7x365 award-winning Fanatical Support®. We highly recommend Rackspace to our clients because they hold the highest standards in service excellence and therefore are able to ensure that mission-critical applications will remain up and running in a secure environment.


Rackspace provide dedicated web hosting solutions for customers whose website is at the heart of their business. Our web hosting solutions are 100% reliable, 100% of the time. From small companies whose whole business is on the web to big companies with a reputation to protect you need a reliable web hosting partner. Rackspace Hosting provide customised web hosting solutions to suit your needs. Fanatical Support® provides strong uptime and performance with 24x7x365 availability of expert support.


Cloud and Email Hosting Services Include:

Cloud Servers™ with a Managed Service Level – extends world-class managed services from our Dedicated Hosting offering to Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers™ - on demand, affordable and scalable virtualized servers

Cloud Files™ - unlimited file storage & hosting

Hosted Microsoft® Exchange - advanced Outlook® collaboration and optional push email for your mobile devices

Rackspace Email – business email hosting with email, calendars, contacts, and more on your desktop

Hosted Microsoft® SharePoint® - easily and efficiently manage projects and enhance the flow of communication in your business


For further information on Rackspace solutions, click here





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