In Nigeria and all over West Africa, the growth of Internet usage is reaching new levels rivalling countries like India and China, Chayse is focused providing quality IT services and solutions to end users and organisations; networking solutions is no exception. We have recently partnered with DrayTek, a world leading manufacturer of networking products ranging from enterprise level products to SOHO (small office/home office) to residential products.  There are networking products for the following modes of connection:

1.       xDSL (ADSL, SDSL, VDSL)

2.       Broadband

3.       Fibre

There are also varieties in terms of number of ports available ranging from single ports to as high as four WAN ports per device.

With the present leading role the Internet plays in day to day running of virtually every organisation worldwide, there is the need to have highly efficient, resilient and stable network to meet the needs of each organisation individually. There is also a very urgent necessity of protecting the network against threats from both inside and outside the network, at the same creating a network that would serve all business requirements and as well as providing room for growth of the organisation.

Chayse is very capable of designing an infrastructure capable of meeting the required business needs of any organisation; we have experienced networking analysts capable of designing robust networking solutions to support the needs of companies for any IP-based communication.

Chayse connectivity solutions include:

1.       Internet Services: This providing internet access to users in a network and enabling communication with the outside world. Connectivity could be through xDSL, broadband or Fibre, with features like failover and Bandwidth on Demand being implemented.

2.       Wireless Solutions: Providing connectivity across a local area network using the air as the communication medium, security features are part of the solution to add more protect the network from non-members.

3.       Voice over IP: The internet comes with data, voice and video hence calls can be made over the internet at rates cheaper than standard call rates offered by PSTN companies, although a SIP provider is required for such services.

4.       Unified Threat Management: This involves protecting the network from all sorts of external attack including anti-virus, anti-spam etc. It uses different licence keys for its operation (supplied with the product).

5.       Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN): this is segmentation of the local network to enhance security.

6.       LAN Infrastructure: extending the local area network to cover more geographical areas

7.       Network Security and Administration: Providing adequate security for users on the local network using firewalls, content and URL security. Services are rendered by Commtouch.

8.       Virtual Private Network (VPN): whether it’s LAN-to-LAN or Teleworker, Chayse is capable of providing VPN solutions for any organisation to enhance its services. 

9.       Secure Socket Layer VPN (SSL VPN): Remote connectivity is established by the use of standard web browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc.

For residential users, networks can be designed to suit the needs of home users in terms of wireless, security, file storage etc. 

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